What do you do with a tree stump? You remove it. That’s what Tree Service RI does. We’re not just any manual tree stump removal old company that cuts down trees, we also help you get rid of the trouble-causing stumps afterward. Removal is included in our pricing and there are no hidden charges for this service either! Call today to schedule your removal or take advantage of our live chat option on the website!


Stump removal is a service offered by many tree services around the country. If you have a tree that has been recently cut down, chances are there is still a stump left in the ground. Tree stumps can be unsightly and dangerous for people who would like to plant something else in its place. Removing them can also help prevent future damage from root rot or other issues that might arise if the stump was not removed properly. Here are some things to consider when getting your old stump removed: What kind of proper equipment does your landscaper use? Do they have a stump grinder when they remove a tree stump from my property? How long will it take to remove an entire stump? Do they offer any guarantees on their work and use protective gear? Are they insured and licensed to remove tree stumps? These may seem like straightforward questions but there could be more at play than you realize!


There are many reasons why you should get stump remover service. This is especially true if the tree was cut down recently and there is a high chance that it might grow back soon. Stumps are unsightly, they can be dangerous to children or pets who try to play near them, they prevent grass from growing under them, and also make gardening difficult in surrounding areas of the yard. Therefore removing stumps will not only provide great aesthetics but, will also improve your property value as well!



One major benefit of having tree removal is that it can prevent children or pets from getting injured. If you have a tree stump in the yard and someone trips on it, there’s a chance they could get hurt quite badly! Removing these dangers will make sure that your family stays safe around your property at all times.


Another benefit of tree stump removal is that it can make your grass grow again! The reason for this is because the tree roots from the tree are no longer there to keep all of your grass down, which means it will start growing back in that area soon enough. Your lawn equipment such as mowers and trimmers will also have an easier time going over the grass in this area as well.


Having a tree stump around is not a tripping hazard, but it can make your yard look rather unattractive too! Removing large tree stumps allows you to get rid of that nuisance and improve the beauty of your yard. If you want to plant something in its place, this is the perfect time because there will be no competition from that old stump for nutrients or sunlight!


Some insurance providers may cover the cost of having tree stumps removed on your property if it was cut down due to storm damage. This is especially true if you have homeowner’s insurance! If the tree stump removal was not caused by a storm or other natural disaster, then it will likely be an out-of-pocket expense. However, there are some instances where this service may also be covered under your lawn maintenance plan too so check with them to find out more about what they can do for you and how it will be covered!


There are many companies out there that offer tree stump removal services. However, they may not all be created equal so here’s what to look out for: Make sure the stump removal company is insured and licensed so if anything happens during this process such as an accident, damage to your property, or injury to someone on the site then you will be covered. Make sure that they use excavation equipment and a stump grinder wheel so no money is wasted during this process! Ask how long it will take them to remove a tree stump from your yard. If there are many of them, then the time to complete this project may be longer. Check out reviews of any company you are thinking about hiring and make sure that they have a good reputation in your local area for future stump removal service.